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Dry Erase Boards

We are the only ones selling this hand held size wipe boards for kids.
They are wonderful tools for young writers
and stylish additions for middle school and high school.
Classrooms, lockers, on the go, at appointments or in the car.
Just think of the small fortune you will save on paper!

Boards measure 8" x 10" and will take 10 days for production.
Each wipe board comes with one black dry erase pen.


ballerina board

Ballerina Board



Superhero Board


Birdies Board

Vehicles Board

Flower Board


Peace Love Happiness Board


Boy Board


Girl Board


The Megan Board


The Sara Board


The Ashley Board

The Cally Board

The Morgan Board

The Claire Board


The Zoe Board


The Bella Board


The Keisha Board

The Emma Board


The Raina Board

The Mary Board

The Jordyn Board

The Hope Board