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Tickle Bellies Birthday Invitations For Boys

All our invites are cool but our birthday ones are so amazing. We have sold
thousands of invitations for children. If there is a theme you do not see, just email us.

Each birthday invite comes with a white baronial envelope


Building Blocks Invite

Building Blocks

Cooking Party Boy

Chef/Cooking Party for Boy

All Sport Birthday Invite

All Sports

All Sports Birthday

Red & Brown Sports


Guitar Boy Invite

Rockstar Boy


Bounce House Invite

Bounce House

Monkey Birthday

Monkey Boy

Fido Birthday

Sock Monkey Invitation

Sock Monkey

Monster Birthday Party

Monster Birthday

Soccer Party

Soccer Birthday Party
(any hair color)


Party Kids Boy

Boy Stuff

Playground birthday invite

Day at the Park


Gym Party - Boy
(hair & skin colors can change)

Pool Party

bowling boy

Bowling Boy




Bounce House Clown Invite

Moon Bounce/Circus Fun

Robot Invitation

Robot Friends

Puppy Birthday

Blue Puppy

Dr Seuss Invitation

Dr. Seuss Inspired