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family picTickle Bellies stationery was established in 2003 and has become a top choice among stationery lovers from all across the United States and beyond. Our whimsical stationery is fun, colorful, affordable and full of happiness. We love what we do and we are so happy that you love it too!

The artist behind Tickle Bellies is Colleen Bouchard. Colleen has always been a doodler who loves arts & crafts, having fun and showing off. At an early age she knew that her future would hold something very exciting for her. She knew she would find her passion and be fortunate enough to make a career out of it.

In 1992 Colleen received a BA in Communication and started slaving away in the corporate rat race. That exciting future she craved, wasn't happening. In 1996, Colleen and her husband Steve were blessed with the birth of their first daughter, Emma Mikayla. The strong pull of motherhood was winning out over the unfulfilling 9-5 grind. Colleen knew there had to be something else she could do, something on her own terms, something that would allow her to stay home with baby Emma...Something creative... Something exciting...

Her first company, Cool Baby Graphics, was launched in 1998 and it was pretty darn exciting!! Colleen found she had a talent for designing logos and websites. It was overwhelming the demand that was out there for her work. She was still in shock that people were actually willing to pay her for it! Over the past few years, Cool Baby Graphics has become well known for its simplistic, whimsical, and eye catching designs. In 2002 a line of clipart was launched under the Cool Baby Graphics name. It has become a top choice for scrapbookers, website designers, crafters and anyone looking for appealing and fun graphics.

Also in 2002, the family welcomed their second daughter, Eleanor Madison. While creating a birth announcement for Ellie, Colleen realized that there weren't a lot of fun, yet simple, birth announcements available on the market that were affordable. Thus, the idea for Tickle Bellies was born! The success of Cool Baby Graphics, the encouragement of a loving husband and wonderful kids and a very receptive and supportive market has inspired Tickle Bellies to produce a line of stationery that you will be proud to give out to your friends and family. We sincerely hope that they do make you 'Smile all the way down to your belly'. Now we're talking excitement!! The Tickle Bellies card line can be found in over 350 stores in the US and Canada and debuting in 2011 in Europe!


January 2004 Featured in Baltimore Childs Magazine
February 2004- Founder Colleen Bouchard was a guest on the Peggy Denny TV Show. Peggy Denny Show is seen in North Carolina, South Carolina and Atlanta
April 2004 - Featured in Staten Island Magazine
May 2004- Tickle Bellies is a top ten pick in Hawaii's Family Magazine

August 2004- Toledo Parent Review
May 2005 - National Stationery Show NYC - A wonderful Success!
January 2006 we were featured on the - Very Cool! Check it out the article here
April 2006 Gift Expert Robyn Spizman features Tickle Bellies on her radio show on Star 94 FM in Atlanta.
November 2006 The Family Groove mentions our birthday invitations.. woo hoo!
December 2006 Mommies With Style tells their readers all about Tickle Bellies. Here is the article
January 2007 What's Hot for Tots what a fabulous review from Andi. Thank You! Here is the review

February 2007 Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine loves our Vinyl Labels!
February 2008 The Mommy Insider gives us a fabulous review. Check it out here
April 2008 Healthy Bump shows us some love...thank you!! you can read it here



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